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The Geographical Indication Protection Society – MPIG

The Purpose of MPIG ofSikka Ikat Weaving

MPIG  of Sikka Ikat Weavingamis toconserve the GI Sikka Ikat Weaving, to develop and to provide joint learning and help with product promotion so that Sikka Ikat Weaving remains sustainable, to increase market access which will lead to the increase of the economic opportunities for weaver families in Sikka Regency.

As the organization for the producersand the management of GI Sikka Ikat Weaving as well, it has various functions, namely:

  1. Uniting the Business actors in the value chain
  2. Quality assurance. Managing the quality and specific characteristics of the Sikka Ikat Weaving goods and/or products, checking and providing GISikka Ikat Weaving label
  3. Promotion media. Promoting and maintaining the branding of Sikka Ikat Weaving products and developing markets at national and international levels. The MPIG also indirectly promotes tourism in Sikka Regency.
  4. Information center and data base. Providing education to the general public regarding the philosophy, the process and history, the weaver data, the motifs, including the market data for Sikka Ikat Weaving.
  5. Maintain sustainability. Undertaking weavers regeneration efforts.
  6. Building partnerships. Establishing partnerships with all relevant stakeholders, such as the governments (Regional, Provincial and National) and parties interested in developing GI Sikka Ikat Weaving.
  7. Learning medium. Fostering members and sharing knowledge for all stakeholders..
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Sikka Ikat Weaving showing in Ubud-Bali

Contact Information

MPIG of Sikka Ikat Weaving
Email :
Mobile : +6282340133566
BAPPEDA Office, Sikka Regency
Jl. Mawar, Madawat, Alok, Kabupaten Sikka,
East Nusa Tenggara (86112)

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