Geographical Indication - GI


The Geographical Indication Protection Society – MPIG

Membership of MPIG of Sikka Ikat Weaving

1. Ordinary Members

Ordinary Members are members of groups of craftsmen or producers consist of weavers, Ikat Weaving processors, weaving experts, and weaving business actors who meet the following requirements:

  1. The groups must registered in the villages or districtsof the Sikka Regency .
  2. Kelompok memilikianggota paling sedikitnya 5 orang dan memilikistrukturkepengurusan The groups must have at least 5 people with a Management structure.

2. Extraordinary Members

Extraordinary Members are non-weavers or non –GIproducers but are involved in the Sikka Ikat Weaving value chain. both as sellers, marketers, or weaving service providers domiciled in Sikka Regency.

3. Honorary Members

Honorary Members are members who are considered by the Association to have: a) shown brilliant works or a significant contribution in developing GI Sikka Ikat Weaving or b) helping the progress of the Association.

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Akasia Munerana Group is one of the Membership of MPIG

Contact Information

MPIG of Sikka Ikat Weaving
Email :
Mobile : +6282340133566
BAPPEDA Office, Sikka Regency
Jl. Mawar, Madawat, Alok, Kabupaten Sikka,
East Nusa Tenggara (86112)

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